Do these strike a nostalgic bell for anyone else? I saw a set on a recent trip to Portland, OR.

They brought me back to the days when Pluto was a planet, a Brontosaur was a dinosaur, and the entry for the U.S.S.R. was utterly terrifying.

6 thoughts on “I Am Prehistoric

  1. We certainly had a set of these when I was younger. I haven’t picked up an encyclopedia in a very long time, and I work in a University Library.

  2. Ha, I just remembered! Today I was asking a little kid to do his homework after asking him to drop the screens for a while and he said he needed the computer to research about dinosaurs in order to complete the task…
    I told him to look for the encyclopaedia among the millions of books in his room that he ignores daily and only then he realised that, right next to the questions he had to answer, there was, in fact, a text about dinosaurs.
    Kids obsessed with screens make me sad.

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