Thought some of you might enjoy a tool I often use when I’m writing!

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As bloggers, we’re constantly defining ourselves to our readers. Through our photos, our stories, our poetry, our recipes, or our podcasts, we tell the world who we are. Even those of us who share a great deal of our personal lives still only give snippets of ourselves. We create a public persona (even our choices of blog themes reflect the way we want to represent ourselves online). We choose what we want to share of ourselves, and our readers fill in the rest according to their own points of view. Every reader might have a slightly different idea of who you truly are.

I’ve been thinking about how this applies to my daily life. I have an unconscious habit of creating stories about people I see, but whom I only know in “snippets.” The barista at my local coffee shop, the surly bus driver who never smiles at me no…

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One thought on “See Yourself Through a Different Set of Eyes

  1. really enjoyed this!! it’s funny how most people see me as “oh she has it all I envy her” or “she’s so arrogant and spoiled” .. The moment I started to write and share the daily agony of my never-ending health issues, that’s when their opinions of me stated to shatter. Or when they find out that I don’t have a TV and buy clothes second hand and instead invest in experiences and travel. People always will try to look at surface. My favorite question “how can you afford to travel so much?” and my answer to them “unlike you, I do my own nails and hair, rarely shop and when i do it’s second hand, don’t have multiple credit cards (only 1 debit). mortgage, student lawn and two and a half kids”. There always has to be a choice and understanding need vs want. When most Americans presented with such answer, they don’t really want to sacrifice their “stuff and things” for experiences and travel. We do see the world through our eyes and I’m always trying to see it through different perspective, but that takes work. It takes loosing one’s pride, not many are able to let go of theirs. I’m trying )

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